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Mission #1:


836M is located in the heart of Downtown San Francisco in the historic Jackson Square neighborhood. Our gallery space has unique street exposure with full length windows which help make our space a beautiful and unique setting for the viewing and appreciation of Art.

Surrounding ourselves with beauty makes us happier and stimulates our minds. We seek not only premium living artists with stellar works but also coup de coeur projects. We aim to keep our program diverse and engaged with our community.

We love things that surprise us and aim to discover new possibilities within our gallery with each new installation which rotates around three times a year.  

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Mission #2:


Our Street Art program at 836M is a direct way for us to participate in and contribute to the thriving Urban Art culture that San Francisco and the Bay Area enjoys. Our "Wall" has been graced with the murals of some of San Francisco's best know Street Artists as well as some who are establishing themselves in the scene. As is the nature of Street Art we try to emulate the ephemeral nature of Street Murals. Every painting we commission for the "wall" has a finite lifespan to be enjoyed and appreciated before the time comes again for it to be re-imagined and the next painting to have its turn.


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Mission #3:


The Documentary program at 836M, in partnership with Roco Films is a chance for us to showcase some of the most ground-breaking and innovative documentary films being made right now. 

We like to make the experience of watching informative, heartening and often challenging works, a communal one. We open the content up for discussion, often with experts in a related field, so as to stimulate our thoughts and understand things in greater depth. 

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836M is a space that hosts a thought-provoking selection of artists, events, and moments

836M is an innovative, non-profit gallery that combines artistic excellence with philanthropic impact. The gallery pairs renowned artists and evocative themes to enthrall and inspire those who visit.

836M’s founders believe that by experiencing the arts together, we can share new ideas, create a community and broaden our social awareness. We seek to contribute to the ethos of San Francisco in three distinct forms of artistic expression: a free street-front gallery offering exclusive art to the public, a dedicated space for revolving street artists, and documentary films.

Housed in the middle of vibrant Jackson Square, 836M showcases artists who surpass themselves, push boundaries, and create astonishing art. We offer carefully selected exhibits and events that reflect the global scope of contemporary art and broaden social awareness within and outside the local community. 

We want to establish an open context that stimulates thoughts and provokes conversation. We are committed to elevating San Francisco’s diverse interests and audiences in all that we do. 





Creative Collaborations


We believe that art has the ability to bring people together and inspire change. We collaborate with innovative thinkers around ideas with the potential to move our world toward a just, sustainable and prosperous future.

- Julie and Seb -




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836 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Gallery access by appointment and open to the public Wednesday and Thursday from 11am to 4pm.