Eric Michel 

Exhibition Dates: 2/13/2018-6/20/2018

ARTIST RESIDENCY: 1/31/2018-2/17/2018

Collections: Gallery 

Currently Based: PARIS, FRANCE



Eric Michel is a French multimedia artist. Whether working on luminous conceptual installations, reworked urban signs, photo manipulation, or paintings, Eric allows himself to proceed with total freedom with the main subject being light.

Eric has had numerous exhibitions and works shown internationally including Japan, China, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, and the United States. He has created commissioned works for the Yves Klein Archives in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (MAMAC) in Nice, and for the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI West) in San Francisco.

He currently has two permanent light installations: "Fluo Blue" at the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain (MAMAC), and “Moulins de Lumière” at the Grands Moulins de Pantin, which he has been working on for the last year. The work is now visible every evening until midnight along the skyline north of Paris.

Following a path opened by Yves Klein, James Turrell and Dan Flavin, his work, and particularly his fluorescent neon installations and videos, creates a vibrating space, in search for immateriality.

Eric Michel’s quest for the immaterial is not pure abstraction. Each installation he creates is a complete experience, questioning our relationship to what is real. His work is constantly tiptoeing the line of the material versus the immaterial. His work is not attempting to reach a defined goal, but instead focuses on the exploration that comes during journey. His work constantly invites us to experience the depth, and at the same time illuminating the idea that what is depth if not something indescribable?

I love the light. It is the privileged vehicle for my sensitivity, for my work. Light has something unique: it is simultaneously corpuscular and undulatory, material and immaterial. As far as I’m concerned, the artist needs to be a ferryman, to be precise between the material to the immaterial, from the real to the imaginary, towards a pure sensitivity.
— Eric Michel

PLATONIUM, Fête des Lumières, Lyon 2106 


The Boatman


I am in love with light.


It is the most favoured medium of my sensitivity, of my work.


It flows in our lives, it irrigates our universe


It opens the door.


Light has this unique feature, to be both corpuscular and undulatory in nature, both material and immaterial.


And for me, the artist shall be a boatman, precisely from the material toward the immaterial, from the real toward the imaginary, toward pure sensitivity.


What a better vector than light to achieve this goal?


Light as medium then, but why not as a finality?


Did I really choose light? Didn’t it impose itself upon me?


Light talks.


I hear it,





Rome, 2007