Redha Medjellekh

EXHIBITION DATES: 06/05/2017-12/31/2019


currently Based: SAN FRANCISCO - NEW YORK



Express yourself. For Redha Medjellekh, founder of Red is Dancing, dance is the most beautiful way to do this. He wholeheartedly believes that the art of dance is able to convey the strongest ideas and break down all barriers. Wearing many hats: a dancer, producer and choreographer; he always returns to dance as it has brought him meaning that he will fight for everyday. He has been traveling around the globe to discover communities through this art and nonverbal language. He created and hosted the TV show Dance Around the World, a series that revolves around dancing with different people and cultures. He produced the Dot Move YouTube and FB channel, where he can connect and reach out to a large and international audience. Now, he continues to create dance content that moves people’s minds.