Victor Reyes

EXHIBITION DATES: 02/15/2017-09/15/2017


currently Based: SAN FRANCISCO



Victor Reyes, a leading visual artist in the bay area, began painting in the early nineties in Orange County. As a teenager, he was inspired by the local graffiti crew called AWR - Angels Will Rise or Art Work Rebels, and from then on developed a unique and iconic lyrical style. He has shown internationally in cities and countries including Bosnia, Germany, Switzerland, Taipei, Japan, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. 


With no formal art education, Reyes is deeply inspired by his peers including the California artist community “The Seventh Letter” and Los Angeles crew called MSK for Mad Society Kings. For the past decade Reyes has been active in the bay area creating murals, engaging in personal art projects, and free lancing. 


Please enjoy the Victor Reyes Interview @836M.

His work is simply the art of the unimplied.
— Art Heist