About Us

836M is a nonprofit space where you can experience
thought-provoking art, events, and moments
At 836M we have been sharing thought-provoking ideas that energize and inspire since 2014.
— Julie and Seb - 836M Founders


Surrounding ourselves with beauty makes us happier, and we love discovering things that surprise us as well. We admire people who go beyond themselves and push boundaries. 

As we seek out exceptional living artists with stellar works, we also strive to discover "coup de coeur" projects. We strongly believe that by experiencing the arts together, we can share ideas, create a community, and broaden our social awareness. 

Throughout the year, we offer a carefully curated selection of art, to include a small representation of local street art; we also hold documentary screenings as well as host conversations and events for private and public audiences alike in a warm and inviting contemporary space. 

836M is an innovative non-profit gallery that combines artistic excellence with philanthropic impact. We pair renowned artists and evocative themes to enthrall and inspire those who visit. 



Creative Collaborations


We believe that art has the ability to bring people together and inspire change. We collaborate with innovative thinkers around ideas with the potential to move our world toward a just, sustainable and prosperous future.

- Julie and Seb -


Our Partners