Tania Mouraud


DATES: 02/13/2019 - 03/08/2019

Collections: Gallery 

Currently Based: Paris, France

ARTIST WEBSITE: taniamouraud.com

Instagram: Tania.mouraud



Tania Mouraud, (born January 2, 1942 in Paris), is a contemporary French artist.

Her work takes many different forms, while remaining based on a real social engagement and ontological questioning; she mobilizes the viewer's sense of self and the world in which he lives.

An autodidact, Tania Mouraud began her artistic career very young with Initiation rooms, spaces dedicated to introspection. In the 1970s, through an analytical and intellectual approach, Tania Mouraud combined art and philosophy in a work based primarily on words, and later on their typography, which give a meaning itself.

During the same period, she continued to grow her series of photographs. In the late 1990s, she created her first videos. The themes of anguish and responsibility in the world are the basis of her videos and draw inspiration from her life that has been marked by mourning; "... In my artistic work, from the beginning, this obsession is really something fundamentally intimate that I share with the public."

March 4, 2015 marks the debut of Tania Mouraud. A Retrospective. This is the first major monographic exhibition of the artist and was shown at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. This retrospective will be accompanied by nine other exhibitions in Metz in nine different places like the Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Lorraine (Frac Lorraine) and at the Galerie d'Exposition de l'Arsenal, creating a veritable journey through the city.

From the end of the sixties, Tania Mouraud's work explores the relation between art and social connections through various medium such as painting, installation, photo, sound, video, performance, etc. She proposed to add a meditation room to our standard apartments (1968 ). One of the 54 billboards in Paris (1977) she declared her disapproval of a society glorifying consumption at the expense of individuals. She investigates the decorative relationship between art and war and the limitation of perception by creating "words of shape" (1989). From 1998, she uses photo, sound and video.

At the end of the sixties, Tania Mouraud's work was part of a practice questioning the relationship between art and social ties using different mediums: painting, installation, photography, sound, video, performance, etc. She proposes to add in our standard apartments a room of meditation (1968). It displays in the public space on the panels 3 x 4 m its disagreement with a society glorifying the having at the expense of the human (1977), It reflects on the decorative relations of the art and the war, on the limits of perception with the help of writing by creating "form words" (1989). From 1998, she uses the photo,