Klari Reis

Exhibition Dates: ONGOING

Collection: Permanent

Currently Based: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

ARTIST WEBSITE: http://www.klariart.com/


Klari is grounded in actions and reactions with a new media plastic - epoxy polymer.  Similar to resin, the UV resistant plastic is her method and language for exploring and expressing interactions on a microscopic level.  Powders, oils, acrylics and industrial dyes are used through many layers of ultra glossy, durable plastic.  A technician of sorts, studio as laboratory, Klari has turned the invented process into a science in the service of art.

Petri paintings are available individually on this website and in set groups of 30, 60, and 150 pieces.  Unlike the individual works showcased on this site, the larger groupings are hung on the wall with varying lengths of steel rods.