La Rose Des Vents @Conservatory of Flowers

By Jean-Michel Othoniel. Orchestrated by 836M.

Dates: SEP 23, 2015-JUN 30-2020

AT: The COnservatory Of Flowers

Collections: Gallery & Permanent

Currently Based: PARIS, FRANCE



836M has succeeded in a mission to add to the natural beauty of our beloved city of San Francisco. Thanks to the generosity of the artist and his gallery,  and the vision of the San Francisco Arts Commission and San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, 836M has orchestrated the efforts to make La Rose des Vents a temporary installation in Golden Gate Park.


La Rose des Vents

When I first came to San Francisco in 1999 for my show at the Yerba Buena Center, I went to the Golden Gate Park to visit the Conservatory of Flowers. I instantly fell in love with this wonderful historical place.
— Jean-Michel Othoniel

La Rose des Vents is a kinetic sculpture made from gold and aluminum that pays homage to the compass rose, an ancient device used to gauge wind direction. Installed in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, where it can shimmer in the sun and shifts with the breeze, the Rose appears as a golden flower among flowers, animating the earth with moving shadows or reflecting the sky with its golden mirror beads.

"As I did when I created The Beautiful Dances --the fountain sculptures I created for the Water Theater Grove redesigned by the French landscape designer Louis Benech for the gardens of the château de Versailles-- I worked with gold to create La Rose des Vents. It is a very evocative material to me. The exceptional character and halo-like qualities of this perceptible work are intensified by the special play of light created by the reflection of the metal.

La Rose des Vents is a sculpture that embodies my longtime love for the symbolism and contemplative nature of flowers. The desert rose, delicate crystal formations that appear in arid places as fragile as glass, inspired my design. Flowers play an integral role in my work. My obsession with the hidden meanings of flowers and with their symbolism is a way of looking at the world and an expression of my desire to see the marvels that surround us; what is real is a continual source of wonder. Since my childhood, I have amassed a stock of notes on the history of plants and photographed the flowers and trees that I like.

The rose is the symbol of beauty itself, of the power of love that conquers death.”

- Jean-Michel Othoniel


 Othoniel at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers, ORCHESTRATED by 836M

[La Rose des Vents sculpture is] France’s best gift to the States since the Statue of Liberty”
— 7x7 Magazine



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