Lauren Napolitano

EXHIBITION DATES: 11/16/2015 - 04/04/2016





Lauren Napolitano describes herself as:

I’m a traveling mixed media artist creating anything out of everything.
— Lauren Napolitano

Based out of Oakland and a very prolific member of its resident art scene since 2010, Lauren’s work takes form around the central theme of myth. Both in terms of symbolism and narrative Lauren’s linear work adorns whatever surface it finds itself on, with a sense of mystery and harmony. Her paintings chart the movement of astral bodies whilst also referencing our physical connection with our own Earth.


Napolitano has referenced Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth as a key inspiration and has said;

I am obsessed with this idea of story, and how objects tell a story of where they have been. Your hands can tell everyone around you how much you use them, how often you’re outside, if you like to work on cars, or if you’re a nervous nail biter…. I like to see how much you can tell about a person without them ever speaking a word.
— Lauren Napolitano

Lauren has painted murals all over the Bay Area, from busy urban streets to secluded cabins in the woods. Lauren has also participated in exhibitions across the US such as Miami and Denver as well as internationally. She had a solo show; Moonrise at Batey, Tulum Mexico 2015 and has participated in two group shows at Stolen Space, London 2015.
(Photo credit: Najva Sol)


Timelapse: Lauren Napolitano @836M