ReEngineering Humanity @836M


PHASE 1 March 28th - May 17th

PHASE 2 June 3rd - September 13th 2019

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We proudly present Re-Engineering Humanity @836M, a group exhibition organized by yesuniverse and curated by Lady PheOnix. A cautionary tale for the twenty-first century, the exhibition examines a range of contemporary issues shaping the way reality is manufactured and understood. Featuring works by Anthony Akinbola, Stuart “Sutu” Campbell, Max Cooper, Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky), Marjan Moghaddam, Mark “Digital” Sabb,  John Sanborn, Samira Idroos, and Lady PheOnix, Re-Engineering Humanity invites us to take a closer look at the social engineering that organizes human thought.

Composed of a constellation of perspectives signaling present societal dissonances, Re-Engineering Humanity is presented in three interconnected forms: a gallery exhibition, a series of public programs, and an interactive catalogue. The exhibition aims to lay bare the silent messages of social engineering by extracting our interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs of embedded systems of control; augmented reality as a new form of communication; shifting cultural norms; and narcissistic approaches to reality due to constant engagement with social media.

We're living in a time where truth has been diluted and fake news competes with reality - a shift in human history whose impacts are yet to be fully understood. Instability through social engineering has become a defining feature of the 21st century.

This is a six-month exhibition presented in two phases: phase one, Re-Engineering Humanity, is highlighted by works presented in augmented reality; phase two offers computational works made with artificial intelligence. AI will soon be present in all aspects of our lives from the cradle to the grave.




Lady PheOnix is a curator of contemporary art and a passionate producer of creative works at the intersection of visual art and technology. She elevates and amplifies the work of artists through curated group shows organized in her virtual gallery, YESUNIVERSE, on Instagram. She has organized exhibitions for the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco, 836M in San Francisco, and HuffPost Arts. As an autodidact, she began curating in 2015 as a form of creative self-care. #theyesuniverse has reached a global audience of millions, making it an institution. Lady PheOnix is regarded as one of the most influential digital gallerists, and has built an engaged community of dynamic artists, curators, and collectors by leveraging virtual space’s ability to generate and facilitate new forms of collaboration. She currently lives and works in the Bay Area.


YESUNIVERSE is a vessel for experimentation and collaboration that builds community online and in-person through events and exhibitions where art and technology bring people together.


Re-Engineering Humanity @836M - Artist Panel - 28 March 2019

Featuring: Lady Pheonix, Samira Idroos, Mark Sabb, Marjan Moghaddam,
and Anthony Akinbola