The Art of Ballet @836M

Exhibition Dates: 09/29/2018 - 01/31/2019

Collections: Gallery 

Currently Based: SAN FRANCISCO, CA 





Ballet is a living and continually evolving artistic tradition. The artistry of ballet as a living tradition is not only encapsulated in the choreography. A diverse array of artists are integral to developing the visual and emotional mood to set beautiful balletic works. LINES Ballet has benefitted from a variety of impressive and interdisciplinary artists in their own right. 

The purpose of art is higher than art. What we are really interested in are masterpieces of humanity.
— Alonzo King

Thirty-five years of outstanding, multi-disciplinary collaborations for the stage place Alonzo King LINES Ballet at the forefront of artistic innovation in ballet. These collaborations give LINES Ballet unique opportunities to investigate deeply rooted affinities between Western and Eastern classical forms, elemental materials, the natural world, and the human spirit. Utilizing as a starting point the inherent, expressive properties of movement and line, LINES Co-Founders, Choreographer Alonzo King and Creative Director Robert Rosenwasser, collaborate with contemporary artists to explore along underlying through-lines: body and consciousness, movement and stasis, and intuition and reason. Intricate and subtle in focus, these connective themes are paradigm-changing for ballet, an art form that through history has been mostly representation, hierarchal, and externalized. Each using their own vocabulary- here, light and body with visual light artist Jim Campbell, photographers RJ Muna and Jamie Lyons, and filmmaker Kate Duhamel; metal, paper, fiber, and space with architect Christopher Haas; acoustics and biology with Bernie Krause— these collaborators open new dimensions of what is deeply felt and deeply thought and help to engender the transformative power of art. At LINES Ballet, the artistic investigation is infinite and essential for it leads to what unites us as human beings: empathy, joy, and the ability to transcend.

Through-LINES: The Art of Ballet @836M in an experimental, activated space, that emphasizes the many artists that contribute to this multi-media artistry, from costumes and set design to photography, lighting, and soundscapes. Gallery guests will be immersed in the visual, audio and tactical beauty that is LINES Ballet. This is LINES Ballet’s first-ever retrospective exhibit and includes a behind-the-scenes learning journey with LINES artistic collaborators including world-renowned and locally-based artists.

Photos by Teresa Wood